October’s Horror-ible TV Offerings

October is the cruelest month….if you hate horror movies.

Halloween offerings that I will never watch!

My thoughts? 101 Movies I would rather die then see!!

Programmers schedule scary movies in anticipation of the Halloween holiday beginning with the tamer versions for children such as  Hocus Pocusreplete with comedic witches. The level of horror ramps up with movies that feature vengeful ghosts such as those in Poltergeist or Sleepy Hollow, but horror achieves a kind of crescendo with the films featuring lunatics such as those in a House of 1000 Corpses  directed by the appropriately named Rob Zombie.

I hate horror movies. The TV schedule for the entire month of October is littered with film titles I try to avoid. Flipping through the channels is hazardous as I am not a fan of gore; I cringe at the possibility of catching a glimpse of the grotesque. I cannot sit still watching when I know the maniac is really behind the closed door or that someone really is upstairs listening on the other end of the phone. “Get out of the house!” I scream at the TV.

These next few weeks of Halloween offerings mean that I probably will be binge watching last season’s House of Cards. Apparently, political dirty tricks create the kind of horror film I actually enjoy watching.