#Shakespeare400 -One Page XXXL Folios

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.10.31 PMA folio is:

  • “an individual leaf of paper or parchment, numbered on the recto or front side only, occurring either loose as one of a series or forming part of a bound volume.”
  • “a sheet of paper folded once to form two leaves (four pages) of a book.”

William Shakespeare’s plays were printed on folios. There were 36 plays collected in what is known as the  First Folio (1623) which were advertised to be better than copies “stol’n and surreptitious copies, maimed and deformed by frauds and stealths of injurious impostors.”

Several years ago, a friend gave me a large “one-page” reproduction of the text of Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado about Nothing.” The entire play -all 21,157 words- is laid out in a 27″ X 40″ frame.

The title of the play is a pun “noting” a reference to written messages, spying, and eavesdropping, which are all woven through the plot. There is “much ado” made of something which is insignificant or “nothing”….which is also why my husband would not let this hang this in our bedroom.



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