My Apologies, March (…Now, Get the Heck Outta Here!!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.10.48 PM

30 of the top 100 Disasters of the 20th Century. Note: Not one occurred during the month of March.

I dread the month of March: the unpredictable weather, the loss of an hour’s sleep for Daylight’s Saving’s time, the slog with footwear worn to combat the aforementioned bad weather.

Every year, I cannot wait for April.

A quick bit of research on the web, however, indicates that perhaps I have been holding this particular prejudice for no reason. Looking under the search for the top 20th Century’s Disasters by month, and according to the Disaster Center website, I discovered that March is blameless.

There are disasters (ex: epidemics, droughts, famines) that span months or even years, but for actual dates, March scores a fat zero. In contrast, between 1900-1999, the month of September has had three major disasters; the month of July has had nine; and the lovely month of May tops the list with 10.

This makes me feeling a bit foolish…an appropriate sentiment for April 1st.



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