Keep the Pi Faith

Today is Pi Day, celebrated by math aficionados worldwide.

There are sites dedicated to a million digits of Pi to a 500 billion digits of Pi  and even to a trillion digits of Pi.

I understand that because of its “irrational” nature , the decimal expansion of Pi cannot come to an end…and it cannot repeat either. I understand that conceptually…I am an English major.

There are Pi supporters, and there are Pi detractors. Some detractors have have suggested that another calculation,Tau, which is twice as large as Pi at approximately 6.28, makes many calculations easier to perform.

Pi or Tau…both require a kind of faith or belief. The kind of belief that makes 0.999999……=1
(I still have problems with that one!)

So, Happy Pi Day, math lovers!Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.20.36 PM

Celebrate your faith in Pi!

I’ll be celebrating a kind of faith on April 23rd shared by English lovers….which I believe  to be to be Shakespeare’s 400th birthday.






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