March ’64 -Beatle-Martin-Mania

George Martin, who was described as the “5th Beatle” by Paul McCartney, passed away this week.  His contributions to the music industry extended beyond the traditional producer role; he arranged, composed, conducted, engineered and performed on many of the Beatles’s hits….and there were many hits.Martin 64

Take a look at the second week in March 1964 when the Beatles had four of the top ten hits on Billboard:

#1 She Loves You

#2 Please Please Me 

#4 I Want to Hold Your Hand

#9 Twist and Shout

The number two hit that week was Please, Please Me, a 1962 re-released, that has since been credited as the song that brought fame to the Beatles.

This song’s success has been attributed to Martin who recommended to speed up the original tempo. While the lead vocals were Lennon and McCartney, the design was George Martin.

52 years ago, during the month of March, George Martin and four lads from Liverpool, England, changed music…on both sides of the Atlantic.




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