Grading Papers

Screenshot 2016-03-04 20.29.09

This week’s New Yorker Magazine (3/7/16) has a cartoon by Paul Noth that is hilarious.

I will do my best to describe it.

A bedroom, and a couple in bed.
The husband on the left is sitting up.
He is completely covered with a bee keeper hat and gloves.
He is holding a frame from the beehive that is serving as a bedside table.
Bees are buzzing around his head.

The woman sits in bed with a pile of papers, holding a pen.

The man speaks: “Oh, but it’s fine for you to grade papers?”

If you did not think this is hilarious, then I am either terrible at describing the cartoon OR you do not know a teacher.

I have spent over 25 years grading papers. I have graded papers in cars, on trains, and on planes. I have taken papers on vacation, (and returned with many still ungraded.) I have graded papers during faculty meetings and in doctor’s offices. I have graded papers in restaurants.  I have graded papers at sporting events (NOTE: I prefer baseball with long innings vs. soccer’s continuous action). I have graded papers at the dining room table,  in the kitchen, and on the sofa….and yes, of course I have graded papers in bed.

Hilarious cartoon…and very true. Ask a teacher.



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