The DVD “Dodo”

I was shopping at a Target tonight when I learned another technology had died.

A young girl was in the aisle with her mom, passing a kiosk. I overheard:

 “Mom? Do people buy DVDs anymore?”
“Yes, of course they do,” the mom replied.DVD
“I don’t see why,”the daughter responded.

I heard it loud and clear. Youth was rejecting the technological marvel that used to be the DVD.

I thought about the shelves of  recorded DVD movies I have at home. I thought about the Rocky series, the John Wayne classics, and several different Bond films that my sons and husband loved.I thought about the shelf of  Disney DVDs, (and the shelf above those with duplicate Disney VHS cartridges).

Then I though how I haven’t opened anything on these shelves for years.

Yup,  DVD is dead…entombed, enshrined…and unplayed.







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