Currency, by George!

As you know, George Washington is the face of the one dollar bill.

Rather than think of the $1 as a bit common a tribute for our Founding Father, consider that as a $1 bill, George has a chance to pass through the hands of all his “children”. Moreover, because almost everyone can have access to a $1 bill, George will pass through the hands of citizens, regardless of their level of income.

With the technology of today, George can track how far he could travel over a period of time. The website Where’s George  will track a dollar bill based on its serial number. According to the website:

By entering this bill, you will help maintain the tracking of the journey this bill has made. Additionally, you will get back a list of all the cities, states, and countries where your bill has been recorded, as well as travel time and distance along its journey.


One of the examples on the website of a well-travelled dollar is:

One Dollar Bill, Serial# E1276—7E Series: 2003

This bill has traveled at least 7,776 Miles in 3 Yrs, 207 Days, 16 Hrs, 17 Mins at an average of 6.0 Miles per day.
The bill is now 5,202 Miles from its starting location. This travel history below is in reverse-chronological order

According to the Federal Reserve, in 2015 there were 11.4 billion dollar bills in circulation.

That could mean a lot of traveling, by George!


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