Celebrating G.W. at the G.W.

President’s Day is usually shared between Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (February 12th) and  George Washington’s birthday (February 22nd), but this year (2016)  the holiday is being celebrated a full week before Washington can celebrate his 207th.

Therefore, the next set of posts will be dedicated to “all things Washington”…in part tribute and in part to address my current obsession with our first president.

GW TavernTonight to celebrate, we made the trip to the G.W Tavern in (of all towns) Washington, Connecticut. The G.W. Tavern website explains its name is:

“…given honor of Washington’s passage through this small town in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains….Spend winter nights inside getting warm beside our floor-to-ceiling fieldstone fireplace, surrounded by hand painted murals of the old town and farms.”

We did spend this snowy night getting warm near the fieldstone fireplace (as described). There were hand painted murals and more than a few pictures of G.W. himself.

Dinner? Delicious.

Cherry Pie? Of course.


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