Literacy Night Seuss-cess!

One of the goals for all teachers in our West Haven School District is the “parent communication” goal. For this goal, teachers’ efforts to engage families in the instructional program are supposed to be “frequent and successful.” While the literacy nights the schools run annually are not frequent (two a year) one cannot argue with their very obvious success.

IMG_0072Over 400 people attended this particular literacy night, which was thematically dedicated to Dr. Seuss. A great deal of interest was generated by the school’s art department and the reading department….Cats in Hats were everywhere!


Over 400 people attending Literacy Night at the Savin Rock Community School (in collaboration with Washington School)

The ziti dinner proved so popular that tables and chairs were soon in short supply. Families crowded side by crowded side. After the meal, students sat on the floor to learn about the life of Dr. Seuss. They wrote short responses to a prompt that asked what they would do if they were visited by Thing One and Thing Two.

Families sat around the tables chatting with each other, teachers circulated, and students proudly displayed literacy skills. Most importantly, every child was given a book.

Literacy night=Parent goal achieved.


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