Turandot in HD (and I have been saying it wrong!)

I have been pronouncing Turandot wrong…the correct pronunciation is more like “dote” than “dot”. I learned this on Saturday afternoon (1/30/16) during the  broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera’s Turandot in HD. These Met Opera in HD simul-broadcasts are held in cinemas throughout the world.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 22.22.12One fascinating element of these live streaming operas in the theatres is the backstage peeks at the Met that we are allowed as the cameras roll during the intermissions. We see the sets dismantled and re-assembled. We see the set painter touching up the dings. We see the mini-rehearsals, costume changes, and lighting changes. We see the stage manager call singers to the stage, and we see the singers, fresh from the stage, in brief interviews with an opera star- this time Rene Fleming.

It was she who said, “Turandot.”  So, I stand corrected. I have been wrong all this time.

This production was lavish…Zefferelli set-sumptuous.

The “Nessun Dorma”, not so much.

The NY Times wrote of this production, “Marco Berti’s Calaf seemed particularly wooden: He sang with solid technique and ringing high notes but lacked expressive vocal or physical nuance. ‘Nessun dorma,’ usually a show stopping aria, unfolded with all the grandeur of the background music at a shopping mall.”

But the choral reprise at the end of the show of this beautiful aria made us all misty-eyed.

Puccini magic.


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