“A Benevolent Thing Made Up from Pieces”

John Dickerson was featured on the Steven Colbert’s The Late Show on January 28, 2016. Dickerson is an American journalist, the host of Face the Nation on CBS News, the political director of CBS News and a political correspondent for Slate magazine.

They were discussing the candidacy of Donald Trump when Colbert asked if Dickerson had ever seen anything like Trump ?

Dickerson responded by gesturing, “You would have to build a Franken-…you would have to take pieces…”

Colbert cut him off and joked back, “Perhaps…. Frankenstein?”

While I always enjoy Colbert’s quickness and ability to spar with others at their level of expertise, regardless of the topic, what he said in response to Dickerson’s next statement was startlingly smart:

Screenshot 2016-01-30 09.51.07

Dickerson leaned forward.

“Tell me about a benevolent thing,” he said seriously, “that was built in pieces, and I will use that analogy next time…”

Colbert paused…the set-up was too easy.

“The United States of America…” he responded.



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