The Iranian President has recently visited Rome…and created a bit of a mystery. No one knows who ordered the cover-up of statues in the Italian museums when he came to visit.  Large boxes covered artwork from heads to toes.

Reuters reports that “the Iranian embassy had asked for the statues to be covered and officials in Renzi’s office had agreed without consulting their bosses.” Michaelangelo

However,  in a recent broadcast  National Public Radio’s (NPR) reporter Sylvia Poggioli explained that, “President Rouhani denied that specific requests had been made.”

In this era of globalization, if there are foreign dignitaries concerned about nudity in statues, or other pieces of artwork, then they should avoid Florence, Italy. I was there in November of 2015, where reproductions of the statue David by Michelangelo are everywhere... in gift shops, on banners, on tea towels, and towering over the city on Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence.

In Florence, David’s manhood is, quite literally, in the viewer’s face.

Italians also know that cover-ups -with boxes or otherwise- can look….well, silly.







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