Rockin’ Pony-Click “Don’t Like”

This picture of the “Ride-on Spring Horse” toy appeared on my Facebook feed.

click likeI remember this particular rocking horse spring toy.

I remember constructing one on a Christmas Eve with my husband.

The boys (2 & 4 years old) were put into bed at the appropriate early hour. 8:00PM. We brought out the toys to place around the tree…and then opened the rocking horse spring toy box.

When what to our dismaying eyes did appear? Hundreds of screws, of washers, and a set of four tightly coiled springs.
It took at least an hour to sort them out and gather the tools required.

The minutes turned to hours, but the too-tightly coiled coils would not turn at all. Instead of a night filled with Christmas cheer, there were offensive curses….and the poor little plastic pony was christened with a four letter nickname.

The entire ordeal took five hours of grimacing, twisting…torture.
We got to bed around 3 AM, and the boys were up two hours later.
It was an exhausting Christmas.

The rocking horse did get a workout from the boys…enough to justify the misery.

But I will not “like” this Facebook image…because…I remember.


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