Tea Wisdom from John Milton

Snow has been minimal this year, but when it finally decided to put together a small squall on a Sunday afternoon in NYC,  we were, of course, unprepared. To get out of the cold, we stopped for a cup of tea.

The tag on my tea bag held a quote attributed to John Milton…Yes, THAT John Milton, 17th Century English poet, essayist, and politician. Paradise Lost, Areopagitica, Lycidas….and currently an author for Celestial Seasonings.


Now, there are two ways John Milton  would have viewed his words on an Earl Grey Tea bag:

  1. He would be horrified to see how he is being commercialized…especially as he was an Englishman who enjoyed a hot cup of tea.
  2. He was blind…he would not be able to read the tea bag tag.

I prefer the second way.


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