15 Years Old Makes Wikipedia a Sophomore!

Wikipedia is 15 year old today, at an age where it is equivalent to a high school sophomore.

Screenshot 2016-01-16 23.25.23

You can hear the changes made on Wikipedia by clicking on http://listen.hatnote.com/.

The tag line for Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit….and that is exactly what is happening, about 1 every 3 seconds.

Some topics have more changes than other, and the following top 10 of the “All Time Most Edited” list includes a wide range of topics:

1. George W. Bush (45,862 edits)

2. List of WWE personnel (42,863 edits)

3. United States (35,742 edits)

4. Wikipedia (33,958 edits)

5. Michael Jackson (28,152 edits)

6. Jesus (28,084 edits)

7. Catholic Church (26,421 edits)

8. List of programs broadcast by ABS-CBN (25,188 edits)

9. Barack Obama (24,708 edits)

10. Adolf Hitler (24,612 edits)

At this moment, there are 5,057,365 articles in English, but given all this editing, that number will be changing.

You can watch these changes on a map that show national and international; edits in real-time: http://rcmap.hatnote.com/#en. That same map has an audiotrack (see screenshot above)

All this collaborative editing in an indication that 15 year-old Wikipedia is growing up….and that is what we want sophomores to do!




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