Alan Rickman

For the second time his week, I am posting a tribute to a favorite cultural icon who has passed away. This time, I am posting about Alan Rickman.Screenshot 2016-01-15 22.08.39

It was his portrayal of Colonel Brandon in Ang Lee’s retelling of Sense and Sensibility that won my heart.  I mad-crushed on him watching him carry the rain drenched Marianne Dashwood into the home and then fall on his knees in exhaustion.

According to the screenplay, Colonel Brandon paces  beside the door while Marianne lay in the throes of a fever. It was how he spoke his lines in an exchange with the character Elinor Dashwood (Emma Thompson) that made me melt.Desperate in love, unrequited, frustrated….he begs:

“Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood,  or I shall run mad.”

The stage directions in this screenplay reads.

He is dangerously quiet.

That cue can describe his other roles as well

Dangerous as Hans Gruber.(Die Hard)

Dangerous as Tybalt (BBC Romeo & Juliet)

Dangerously quiet as Snape. (Harry Potter)

Now, quiet.



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