Two Proposals for NCTE Conference: November 2016

It’s conference proposal time for the National Council of Teachers of English and I have waited until the eleventh hour (literally 12:59 PST) to complete two proposals. This conference will  be held in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2016.

2016 ac logo

Here are the short explanations that I am submitting this year…I hope one gets picked!

Get Your Game App On for Teacher PD

Why should students be the only ones who have the opportunity to play games in class? Game
application programs are just as powerful an instructional tool for teachers as they are for their students, because game apps can deliver professional development content to educators in an engaging and challenging way.

 ProjecTILE- a community interactive Scrabble Adventure

This presentation will demonstrate the steps taken to plan and tomdesign a middle school’s Family Game Night that focused on the crossroads of math and literacy skills using the “crosswords” found in a life-sized Scrabble board installed in the school.


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