He or She = They

they“They,” the gender-neutral pronoun, has been named the “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society .

In a January post on their website,

 They was recognized by the society for its emerging use as a pronoun to refer to a known person, often as a conscious choice by a person rejecting the traditional gender binary of he and she.

In the voting for the word of the year, “They” beat out  other candidates with a total of 187 votes. “They” beat out the following.

  • ammosexual: someone who loves firearms in a fetishistic manner. 42 votes
  • ghost: (verb) abruptly end a relationship by cutting off communication, especially online. 25 votes
  • on fleek: put together, impeccable, well-arrayed. 4 votes
  • thanks, Obama: sarcastic expression in which a person pretends to blame Obama for a problem. 76 votes

Language must evolve to keep pace with its users. Those members of the American Dialect Society are keeping our language alive…every one of they ?




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