We Loved Aunt Millie’s Sauce

Screenshot 2016-01-03 21.52.05While my mother was a good cook, she did rely on a few shortcuts, and one of these was Aunt Millie’s Spaghetti Sauce. There were always a few jars of the thick sauce in our cupboard that my mother would use as a base sauce for spaghetti.

Aunt Millie’s originated in the back kitchen of Sal and Millie DeMauro’s White Plains kitchen in 1946. The sauce was locally appreciated for the fresh ingredients that were cooked without “undue or disrespectful haste”. The commercial’s promotion proclaimed, “The sauce your spaghetti is waiting for…”

The company was bought by Heinz in 2001, and several years later, Aunt Millie’s was discontinued. There are several discussion forums online that mention how disappointing that Aunt Millie’s is no longer in production. They are not alone.

Each jar of Millie DeMauro’s sauce gave my Irish family the illusion of an Italian meal, and we were always enthusiastically awaiting that plop of Aunt Millie’s sauce onto our pasta.


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