Losing My Keys, but Not My Mind

I was distracted on Tuesday when I put the keys down on the counter in the main office. There were meetings to attend in two other schools, and I had scheduled a formal teaching evaluation for later that morning. I was dangerously multi-tasking as I dropped in on a group of teachers working in the library before returning to the office.

As I stood up to leave, I looked for my keys.  Not in my pocket. Not in my bag. Not in the Library. Return to the counter….not on the counter. My keys were missing.

My mother’s dementia is a shadow; I become convinced that I am losing my mind. Return to the library. Return to the counter.

The keys were gone.Screenshot 2015-01-15 22.41.19

A kind friend offered to drive me to my meetings, and I was able to make the next few appointments. An hour later, I read a text message, “A random teacher picked up your keys by mistake. Come back and get them.” I felt a rush of relief.

Flashback to standing at the counter …where there was an equally distracted teacher who had picked up my keys.
Thank God! In this age of distraction, all I could think was, “There is someone who is crazier than me!”

I am so happy that I may even buy her chocolate; I have heard cocoa improves cognitive function with blood flow to the brain.
She must be losing her mind.


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