Gift of Christmas #4: Bridgewater Chocolate

Screenshot 2014-12-17 20.18.37 Screenshot 2014-12-17 20.18.51This entry is not so much chocolate for the getting, but chocolate for the giving.

I live in Bridgewater, a small Connecticut town that has been known for two things: its “dry” town status, and its Bridgewater chocolate.

Last November, the 2,500+ residents voted to sell alcohol in town, so now the town’s only claim to fame is the chocolate….and it is very good chocolate.

This year, tins of Bridgewater chocolate caramels have served as:

  • a house warming present in Italy;Screenshot 2014-12-17 20.19.09
  • a bribe to a college admission’s officer;
  • farewell gifts to former colleagues;
  • raffle donation;
  • midnight snacks…

I will be sharing Bridgewater chocolate with new audiences this holiday. Delicious dark chocolate…smooth milk chocolate…caramels dusted with cocoa. That is why Christmas present #4 is Bridgewater chocolate.




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