Gift of Christmas #3: Goodwill & Headboards

My new job is located some 90 minutes away from my home. The commute is very difficult, especially with the New England weather, so I have rented a small room to use during the week. The room is very comfortable, but as the cold weather sets in, I have had to move the bed to the center of the room in order to uncover the heating grate.

That move meant the pillows kept falling off.

This past weekend, I went on the hunt for a headboard……and I found one at Goodwill.

Not only was this maple headboard well made, but it was reasonably priced.

Headboard 1 I brought the headboard to the counter, where to my surprise the checkout girl rang up $17.50.
“But, it’s marked $35.oo,” I explained.
“It’s got a yellow ticket,” she explained, “and yellow ticket items are 1/2 price today.”

So, thank you, Goodwill, and thank you to the person who donated the headboard. My pillows sit nicely on the bed with this present to myself…. Christmas Gift #3!


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