Gift of Christmas #1: Good Tidings on Deployment

My first Christmas gift of 2014:

USMCGood tidings from my son Kevin, a United States Marine Corp Captain deployed in Afghanistan, who wrote the following:

“I have arrived safe and sound at HQ ISAF in Kabul. I travelled by helicopter for about 2 minutes from one base within Kabul to the next. Vehicle movements are extremely restricted here so I won’t be on a road anytime soon.

It is definitely colder up here. You can feel the altitude but it is not horrible.

Do not send Christmas sweets. Oh dear God the amount of cookies here is ridiculous. I walked into an office and saw a 10-ft stack of pink boxes. They looked familiar and I said:

Me: Are those cupcakes from the bakery in Georgetown?
Army Staff Sergeant: Yes sir. Want a box?
Me: You’re (something) kidding me.

So yeah we have plenty of sweets. Please only send a card. That sounds depressing but if I’m moving around, it’s just more sh** I have to drag up a helicopter ramp.

I am perfectly safe. Have no worries.”

Despite his admonition that he is safe, I still worry, but I am grateful that he is able to e-mail me during the holidays.


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