“Tuesday” by David Weisner is the Book on My Shelf

One of the best questions that was posed by one of my professors in a graduate teaching class was based on an authentic problem. “A teacher has become ill, and you have been asked to fill in a class down the hall for the next period,” he explained, “what book do you take from your shelf before you run down the hall, and what would you do with that book?”

He paused, but I already knew what book I would take.

Tuesday by David Weisner,” I replied.

Tuesday is a picture book with only a few lines of text, and that text refers to time.

Tuesday evening, around eight.

What Tuesday offers is an imaginative flight of a phalanx of barnstorming frogs who float, swoop, dive, skim, and buzz around a small town on lilypads, much to the amazement of a flummoxed German Shepherd. Their magical adventure is recorded in Weisner’s illustrations that are layered with details that readers of any age will enjoy. His illustrations are the reason to have this book on a shelf to grab.

Tuesday can stir the imaginations of readers to do any one of a number of tasks:

  • provide the narrative from an omniscient narrator;
  • provide the narrative from a different point of view;
  • sequence the story;
  • caption the illustration with dialogue bubbles;
  • explain the mythology of the lilypads;
  • name the frogs based on the illustrations;
  • create a police investigation report of the frog invasion.

Weisner’s Tuesday is that book that is on my shelf, ready to be used in a lesson for any audience.





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