Getting Gassed

My son Michael proposed to his girlfriend, and she accepted. We could not be more pleased; she is a brilliant young woman who also happens to be a United States Marine Corps Captain.

Within weeks of announcing the engagement, she researched and located a reception venue, firmed up both the date and the wedding chapel, and purchased her wedding gown.  In order to keep me apprised of her decisions, she sent me a text message last night saying she wanted to discuss some of the details.

I texted back, “Call when you have time.”
Her response?
“Sure thing!  I am going to get gassed! I’ll call later.”

Get gassed? Well….
….That could mean she was filling her car.
…That could mean she was getting drunk.
…That could mean her head was filled with compliments.

gassedBut “get gassed” meant that my prospective Marine Corps daughter-in-law was literally getting gassed. The practice of “gassing” exposes recruits/officers to nonlethal tear gas used to simulate the stresses of a chemically contaminated environment.
After that experience, the wedding planning should be a breeze!


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