Students Choose to Share What They Read with Parents

The data created by the “How I Feel About Reading” survey (based on Kelly Gallagher-Readicide) has given teachers a snapshot of their students’ reading habits at the beginning of the school year. Some of the most interesting statistics generated by the teams of middle school students (grades 7 & 8) who took the survey are the selection students chose in response to the question on how they are sharing their reading:

Screenshot 2014-09-08 21.31.09


On this particular team of 7th graders, and also on every other team, students indicated that sharing what they read is primarily done with their friends…. and with their parents.

I had anticipated students would choose friends, but the choice of parents highlights yet one more important connection within families.

There is a wealth of research on the role of parents in preparing students to read from when they are infants. Now, this anecdotal survey  given to over 800 in early September indicates that they will continue to rely on their parents as partners in their adolescent reading experiences.

So, parents, if all you hear when you ask “So, what’s new?” is the response, “nothing,” then maybe you should be asking, “So, what are you reading?”

The survey suggests they are looking to share!


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