The Comic World in Storm King Art Center

"Three-Legged Buddha" by Zhang Huan

“Three-Legged Buddha” by Zhang Huan located @ Storm King Art Center 1 Museum Rd               New Windsor, NY 12553

In literature, the Comic World is portrayed as Man attempting to control Nature. The comedy is how imaginatively impossible that kind of control in real life.

But imaginative impossibilities abound at  Storm King Art Center in the Mid-Hudson region of NY.

There, you will see a three-legged Buddha rising from the earth. You will also be aware that the Buddha is not alone.

There are towering sculptures that populate the manicured fields. Imagine that someone left an artist’s studio door open, and these structures, in various stages of completion, ran out to the rolling hillside to play.

I had only seen Storm King once before on a bleak fall day last year. On a July afternoon, this was a very different experience.

Today’s warm sun illuminated the sculptures, while the large swaths of  ground were brightened with trimmed ponds of  yellow and white wildflowers. Here was Nature controlled in an organized palette of mixed media of trees and metal. Here was an undulating wave of stonework snaking through trees before plunging into one end of a pond and resurfacing on the other side.

Storm King is the Comic World run amuck!

Storm King Stone Wall

Storm King Stone Wall

Storm King Art Center Sculptures

Storm King Art Center Sculptures


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