Day #91The Most Popular Birthday in Connecticut

I just celebrated my birthday. Statistically I am not alone; June 23rd is the eighth most popular birthdate. I have always noticed there are many people celebrating birthdays in June, so I was not surprised to read that researchers have determined that June and July are the most popular birth months in the Northeast section of the United States.

Today,  June 27th,  is the most popular birthdate in Southwestern Connecticut.

There are several hypotheses as to why the increase in births in early summer. In other words, what happens in September and October that is driving up the number of deliveries nine months later?Screenshot 2014-06-27 21.41.26

Kasey Buckles, an associate professor of economics at Notre Dame has speculated that women employed in education or in an office may prefer not to have children during busy months,

“What we have found is that it looks like mothers generally have preferences for avoiding winter births…More highly educated women who are in the education field or in an office setting may prefer to not have babies in the school year or the traditionally busier seasons at work.”

That hypothesis may be one explanation for the surge of births, but since my mother was a “stay at home” wife, I am quite confident that I am the product of a honeymoon. I can count back nine months to the wedding date.

So, happy birthday to those born on this most popular date, and a special happy birthday to those sharing the eighth most popular date with me, what ever the reason.


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