Day #87 Summing Up the Year on the Last Day of School

school is outThere are few things as wonderful is a desk, empty of papers or a grade book, closed for the school year. I saw both of these today, the last day of the 2013-2014 school year.

This school year was marked by several highlight, including the times when I:

  • demonstrated the use instructional strategies to teachers at faculty meetings;
  • created a Common Core Website for our district:
  • divided 270 Marzano Assessment verbs into different disciplines to improve vocabuary across the curriculum;
  • took 40 students to see the premier of These! Paper!Bullets! at Yale Rep Theatre;
  • reconfigured the English IV electives into a survey course that will include Memoir, Film & Literature, and Drama;
  • figured out how to use a Google phone # when calling parents;
  • mentored the long-term substitute for five months in English II and Honors English I when a teacher was injured in a car accident;
  • evaluated a third grade math specialist;
  • never got round to teaching Margaret Atwoord’s The Handmaid’s Tale to the AP students;
  • finally got around to putting the multiple choice quizzes onto digital platforms for AP students:
  • presented how we use technology in our classrooms at the National Council of Teachrs of English Convention in Boston;
  • designed a freshman writing lab for 2014-2015.

Oh, yes, and I started this blog.
Time for summer!



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