Day #78 More Independent Readers…in Disguise!

The main goal of our independent reading program is to encourage students to read beyond the walls of the classroom; our 15 minutes spent in class is intended as a “hook” to connect students with books that they might want to read or as a “refresher” to reconnect a book already being read. Research studies (compiled by the American Library Association) have determined that reading outside of the classroom is the best predictor for student success:

The amount of free reading done outside of school has consistently been found to relate
to achievement in vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency, and general
information. Students’ reading achievement correlates with success in school and the
amount of independent reading they do (Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding 1988; Guthrie
and Greaney 1991; Krashen 1993; Cunningham and Stanovich 1991; Stanovich and
Cunningham 1993).

So, to celebrate the independent reading accomplished over the past year, here is another group portrait of one class of readers in “disguise”:photo 2They are sharing the number of books they read during the 20+ hours we offered in SSR throughout the school year, and continued (hopefully) to read independently. They are on their way to success!


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