Day #73 Independent Reading a là Penny Kittle

Penny Kittle’s (Book Love) video on students talking about reading was painful to watch the first time. I still cringe at the parts in the video where the students explain how they can skate by without reading a text during class discussions. The best part of the video is when students show how many books they actually did read during her course.

In response, I have pushed students and teachers in my department to include independent reading in their block schedules providing at least 15-20 minutes of SSR (silent sustained reading). Now that the semester is over for my Mythology class, I had my students hold up signs showing the number of books they read in the past 20 weeks (50.5 books in roughly 440 minutes  of SSR). So here is my Penny Kittle moment from my class….and thank you for the inspiration!

reading numbers


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