Day #70 June and the Strawberry Book

As I bit into a delicious red, ripe strawberry, I remembered it was June, and June is the month for delicious strawberries in Connecticut. This bowl of strawberries was so sweet they made the back molars tingle.

While I love strawberries, my sons do not. But they did love the “strawberry book” when they were young. They would request  I read The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Audrey and Don Wood over and over and over. The well worn copy is still in the bookcase.

This picture book features an adorable mouse who goes to great lengths to protect his fragrant ripe strawberry from a unseen bear.

LittleMouse3 hiding the strawberryAs we read, we would stop at one particular  full page illustration that would make the boys laugh and laugh. In this spread, the mouse is seated opposite the strawberry; both are wearing a disguise of a nose and glasses.

My sons found the picture hilarious. Now I cannot look at a strawberry without seeing that funny little disguise.

I sympathize with the little mouse this June. When strawberries are so sweet and so delicious, I may need to protect mine as well.





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