Day #65 Connecticut’s Mother (Bi-polar) Nature

By the time we got to April, we were all exhausted. Daffodils struggled to the surface. The trees were too tired to leaf. The elastic in my stretch tights had given out…no brand could stand up to 24 weeks of solid use during the frigid winter.

Then, there were a  few bright days in May, and we were lured into the outdoors again. Mother’s Day was (appropriately) beautiful, and the warm sunny Memorial Day Weekend felt like an apology. Many thought Mother Nature was doing her best to convince us that spring was a reason to live in Connecticut.

Yesterday, Mother Nature turned vicious again.  Thunderstorms blew in, triggered by a 40 degree drop in temperature in 12 hours. National Weather Service Teams came out to determine if there had been a tornado.

Schools were cancelled in two towns; there was one fatality.

purple cell

storm damage 1storm damage 2




Mother Nature is suffering from bi-polar disorder here in Connecticut.
With summer approaching, we should be wary. This Mother is not to be trusted.


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