Day#58 Auctioning Milton in Class

Today’s lesson was devoted to Lucifer’s famous speech from “Book One” of Paradise Lost by John Milton.  My objective was to have students connect the character of the fallen archangel to the Monster in Frankenstein.  Milton’s poetry was challenging, so I raced through the reading, stopping occasionally to check for understanding every twenty lines or so. I wanted to get to the famous speech of defiance, lines 262-263, when the character of Lucifer challenges the Almighty:paradise_lost84

To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav’n.

“How are you reading this so fast?” one student asked.

“Auctioneer training,” I lied, “I’m bidding for your brain.”


One thought on “Day#58 Auctioning Milton in Class

  1. I’m reading through thirty days worth of 100 words, so I can’t comment on them all, but I need to stop and give a standing ovation to this reply. Well played!

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