Day #56 Rubik’s Cube Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle was an interactive Rubik’s Cube to celebrate the cube’s 40th anniversary. There will be much speculation as to the impact this doodle had on businesses since an estimated 4.82 million hours of productivity were lost four years ago when Google offered an interactive doodle that invited users play the classic arcade game of PAC-MAN as part of a 30th anniversary tribute.

Darren, the calculus teacher, teaches several classes how to use algorithms in order to figure out the Rubik’s cube. He has videos of solutions; he has videos of his students racing to finish the cube.  His desk is littered with cubes in various stages of solution. He uses the cube to teach problem based learning so successfully that the teachers elected him Teacher of the Year for the district this year.

So, while others wonder if the cube is a waste of time, we believe differently.

And, Google, we know that you made this doodle for Darren, too!


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