Day #54 Captain Phillips and the Navy Corpsman

Screenshot 2014-05-17 22.28.19The film Captain Phillips (2013) reprises the military rescue of a cargo ship captain from Somali Pirates. The film, directed by Paul Greengrass, has a number of “side stories” about the cast members, and one of the more interesting stories is use of the medical staff from the guided missile destroyer  USS Truxtun. Petty Officer 2nd Class Navy corpsman Danielle Albert (seen at left) played the medical officer who attended to Captain Phillips once he was freed from the pirates.

Albert was supposed to have a day off, but found herself opposite the actor Tom Hanks when filming was taking place on the ship. She had no idea about the scene until Greengrass decided to add it.

Her calm voice and demeanor in the last several minutes are a welcome break from the previous 120 harried minutes that recount how the pirates took Phillips hostage in a lifeboat. She is both systematic and sympathetic in her medical procedure beginning with her request for Hanks  to “have a seat” before asking “does that hurt?” Hanks portrays a man in shock as he acts as Phillips did once he was rescued while Albert notes lacerations and the blood splattered across his face and chest. As he lays down, Hanks stammers out, “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” she responds.
“Thank you,” he says again.
“You’re welcome,” she repeats with great sincerity.

Knowing that she represents those who respond in such times of crisis makes her performance even more genuine. Hanks played a captain; she was herself.



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