Day #52 The Practice Paradox in Education

“School is so booorrriiing…” sighs Kaique. It was warm and humid in the classroom. He was making his discomfort known to everyone around him.

I started to respond, “It is not bor…” but I stopped. “It’s boring because you have no control,” I acknowledged his point.
He looked more interested than he did moments earlier.
“We have all the control, and you have to do as we say,” I confirmed his suspicions.

He nods his head slowly.
“Well….we are training you to take control,” I offered.
He nodded more agreeably. He was interested in this argument I was making for him.
“So, how do you change this?” I asked.
“I don’t do as you say…?” he guessed with a grin.

Our conversation illustrates a paradox of education. Teaching students to take control of their lives is the practice of educators, but the students are the ones who need to practice.

“Maybe this is like driving a car….” I start.Screenshot 2014-05-15 21.05.49
Kaique brightened.
“Maybe classroom experience is like spending the required seat time in the car that has not yet been on the road,” I suggest.

“OK, I’ll put a few dents in that car,” he laughed.


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