Day #50: I Am Being Followed!

This morning, I received an amazing Twitter follower notice: Screenshot 2014-05-12 08.23.49 This reincarnation of Poe and Shakespeare was a little surprising at first, but I believe that if these writers had social media at the height of their careers, they both would be avid Twitter users.

Shakespeare would be promoting his plays because he stood to gain from the box office; he and four others owned The Globe Theatre. Moreover, the 140 characters of Twitter work well for iambic pentameter. For example, there is a program, Pentametron, that uses algorithms to find tweets that happen to be written in iambic pentameter. The program has a Twitter account:

With algorithms subtle and discrete / I seek iambic writings to retweet.  Stratford-upon-Internet ·

@Pentametron’s twitter poetry is in ten-syllable lines of alternating emphasis, just like those penned by poets of sonnets and blank verse.

As for Poe, he could use Twitter in a serial release of his poems or short stories. He could tweet out “The Raven” in 54 tweets. The 11,100 characters (with spaces) in “The Tell-Tale Heart” would take a minimum of 80 tweets….depending on the level of suspense he wanted for his readers.

Not surprising that these two great authors would use Twitter; just surprised,and flattered, they use it to follow me!


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