#48-Roz Chast’s “Every-Mom” on Mother’s Day

Screenshot 2014-05-11 07.57.47Everyone knows a mother…which explains why Roz Chast’s artwork on the cover of the New Yorker for May 12th has universal appeal. Her “Every-mom”  captures those facial expressions that are so familiar to us all organized in a sequence: pride, concern, relief, disbelief, anger, embarrassment, recognition, acceptance, love, and finally, bribery.

I know these facial expressions, and so do my sons. I wore them to parks, school assemblies, athletic events, plays, and parties. I wore these expressions while shopping, cooking, driving, and at the dinner table. I still wear them even though the boys are adults.

What Chast captures in the this comic strip, box to box, is the instantaneous transformation between these emotions, one minute enraged, the other tender.

That mercurial ability to shift is a mom’s secret weapon…keeps ’em guessing!

Happy Mother’s Day





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