Day #45: Put a Fork in that AP Lit Exam…It’s Done!

In September, the May 8th date for the Advanced Placement English Literature exam seemed distant. There was time for discussion and leisurely observations; the class was laid back and collegial. By mid-April, however, I turned into a real task master, and my students’ work was suffering my critical review. Their essay drafts were riddled with my large red comments:

  • “Where is your thesis??”
  • “Write faster!”
  • “Mark up the original!
  • “Never use ‘flow’…it means NOTHING!”

My students groaned when I dragged out one more poem or prose piece just before spring break. Friday afternoons were particularly trying when I demanded a full essay in 40 minutes.

The work paid off. Today, immediately after the exam, several students showed up in my office:

  • “I felt so prepared.”
  • “Those essays paid off!”
  • “I wrote three pages for each essay!”
Screenshot 2014-05-08 22.13.18

Yes…that’s my philosophy!!

I resisted the urge to say…”told you so…”



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