Day #43: Sign of a Good Teacher

Two weeks ago, a violent wind storm blew up the East Coast and knocked the limbs off the trees.

The  wind also knocked a large hornet’s nest off into the parking lot of the local recreation center.

Catherine, a literacy specialist for a local elementary school, and I paused in front of the open hornet’s nest. Split open, the cell structures were in perfect condition.

“Too bad I already have one,” said Catherine, “that’s a nice nest.”Hornet Nest 142
“You don’t teach science,” I responded.
“You never know when you need a hornet’s nest,” she noted, “just in case.”
I felt bad letting such an opportunity pass me by.

That’s the sign of a good teacher. Someone like Catherine who knows students might want to see something so amazing, designed by nature, up close. One who has a hornet’s nest…just in case.


4 thoughts on “Day #43: Sign of a Good Teacher

  1. Holy Moly! You are two of the smartest people I read in the blogosphere and you KNOW EACH OTHER?!?!

    There’s nothing else to be done — we must get together at NCTE this year and get to know each other face-to-face!

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