Day 33: Spelling by Hand

The other day in class, a student asked how to spell “reiterate,’so I turned to the whiteboard and wrote out the word for her to see. I was more comfortable writing out the word than I was spelling the word aloud. My hand knew the word.

muscle memoryMy recollection through the act of writing could be “muscle memory,” where the muscles become familiar over time through the practice of movement, however, the research on this is still inconclusive. I do remember writing my spelling words 25 times each for spelling and handwriting homework in grade school.

So how will muscle memory be useful when my students use a keyboard? There is no  physical “tracing” of letters when the students are using keyboards. They do have practice with texting and I am starting to see how their repeated practice is having an impact on their spelling:

  • Got 2 Go
  • hmwrk
  • l8r

I might have to rethink my approach to”reiter8.” 


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