Day 30: A Shakespeare’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt Joke

Our 9th grade Honors English teacher held a scavenger hunt today to mark Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. One of the tasks was to recite a line of Shakespeare’s verse to an English teacher and see if the teacher knew the play. Students rushed in and out of my office posing quotes to the teachers working during their planning period:

  • “List, List, O…List”
  • “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…”
  • “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war…”

We responded just as quickly as they rattled off the lines

Hamlet”…”Macbeth”…”Julius Caesar”

“How do you know this stuff?” a student muttered as she stared at the quote.
“It’s like shooting fish in a barrel,” a teacher replied.
“Oh….did he write that one too?” the student  asked brightly.

Screenshot 2014-04-23 22.07.30



Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!





One thought on “Day 30: A Shakespeare’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt Joke

  1. I need to come back to high school and get a proper education under you and your colleagues.

    Since I can’t do that, reading your posts helps me keep my eye on what I want my 5th graders to be able to do so that they will be able to succeed in classrooms like yours (which I hope my wealthy suburban district has…which my own poor, rural, small-town school didn’t).

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