Day 28: Last Minutes of “Love Actually” Not Acting

We are not TV people…we are movie people. We are also repeat movie watchers which means that more often than not, one of us is so familiar with the lines of a film that he or she is in sync with the actor or actress…Which means that either of us can identify a movie from the soundtrack while we are in another room entirely…. Which means that we can watch several films at once clicking through the channels as sort of a “best of” film  parts…. Which explains why Love Actually has been playing on the TV this past week.

My husband loves the film.

Hs admiration is not understood by The Atlantic’s Christopher Orr who condemned the film in his follow-up review Love Actually -em- Still Awful as

… almost two hours of rom-com porn, of grand gestures with little buildup and no follow through, of money shots. And I can’t help but wonder whether this is not, in part, why the movie seems to be more popular than ever. 

I can say with some certainty that this is not my favorite film either…except for the last  minute. The last minutes (at 2:41 in video below)are filmed at London’s Heathrow Airport, where instead of showing the audience the actors playing at “Love Actually,” there is a montage of real people  greeting each other at the arrival gate.

People hug. People kiss. People cry and greet each other with tenderness at this busy, impersonal airport. The montage of reunions is match cut to a series of split screens that split and split again forming a mosaic while the refrain “where would I be without you?” repeats from the Beach Boys,”God Only Knows.”

Not acting…actual Love.


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