Days 13 & 14: PLN Weekend

The new evaluation system for the State  of Connecticut recommends teachers should be allowed to have control over their own professional learning. This weekend, I spent a good deal of time doing just that. I published the post about testing in the junior year on my “political” blog Certifiable in Connecticut. These entries always take more time than I anticipate; this post took four hours!

Screenshot 2014-04-06 22.19.30The far more pleasurable activity  PLN was participating in the #APLITCHAT Sunday night. One of the more entertaining questions was “Confess what you have not read…” I thought of authors I will probably never read: W. Somerset Maugham, Salman Rushdie, Evelyn Waugh. There were a number of confessions on classics, but  the number of teachers who admitted to not reading Moby Dick was surprising. While I skimmed the sections on the anatomy of a whale, I was dutiful in close reading the final chapters. I was surprised to see that Melville had written these as a drama. I would hope that some of the teachers take my suggestion of at least listening to the recordings on the website The Big Read . That could be their PLN activity!


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