Day 11: Field Trips Are What Students Remember

field tripThe field trip presents a teacher with one of education’s most complex dilemmas.  Students are removed from the confines of the school building to participate in some activity that is a volatile of authenticity and liability. There are no guarantees for success on a field trip, except while students will forget homework, lessons, and classroom rules, students will remember the field trip
Students miss class time when they participate on a field trip, and even though they are told in advance that they are to complete any work they miss in class due to the field trip, they never do. For this reason, many teachers hate field trips.
In addition, things can go wrong on field trips…horribly wrong. There is a laundry list of possible disasters that could fit any one of the following categories:

  • Field trips can be expensive with transportation the most costly part;
  •  Some students may be excluded or choose not to be included;
  • Weather can play a negative factor;
  • Students can get injured or lost.

For all these reasons, field trips are limited in number in a school year. This limit on field trips is unfortunate because the field trip is a powerful educational tool.

Field trips are what students remember.

Today, sitting on the bus returning from a field trip from Yale Repertory Theatre to see Those Paper Bullets, students chattered about the experience, naming parts of the production they enjoyed. The play had been high spirited fun, engaging the audience,
while the talkback with the actors and crew provided an authentic look at the theatre profession. The warm spring sun beat in the windows of the bus to the students who were sated with pizza.

A great field trip, one the students will remember.


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