Day 9: Dead Car and the Winds of Heaven

The car died in the driveway last night, a fitting conclusion to the wretched month of March, so I am using my husband’s car to get to and from school. This morning we drove the short distance to the Village Store for coffee, and he willingly gave me his car. I left him there to walk home and wait for the tow truck to take my Toyota Highlander for repairs. He will need to get a rental. He has been inconvenienced because of the car, but he is willing for that inconvenience.

As I drove to school, I recalled the lines where Hamlet spoke of his father’s treatment of his mother, Gertrude. In Act I; sc2, Hamlet is alone. He is depressed, and his soliloquy shows the root of his depression is at his father’s death and his mother’s “o’er hasty marriage” to his uncle, Claudius. In establishing Hamlet’s understanding of his parent’s relationship, Shakespeare needs only give three short lines:

…So loving to my mother 
That he might not beteem the winds of heaven 
Visit her face too roughly. (344-346)

The winds of heaven…my husband will not let them visit me roughly, either.


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