Day 8: It’s Out Like a Lamb, March!

spring-peeper-frog_722_600x450This last day of March 2014 began with sleet and freezing rain, but the ever mercurial New England weather held one more surprise. Driving home in the evening, I opened the windows near the marshy area swollen with several inches of new rain. I heard a few peepers, the first sounds of spring, responding to the 41 degrees of twilight temperatures.

There have been robins on my lawn since March 16th, hopping around the patchwork of snow and brown lawn. They have promised spring for several weeks now, but the peepers have made the arrival official.

Yet, the gloom and despair of March will not completely fade. The Toyota has died in the driveway, and tow truck will be needed in the morning. One more reason to despise March.

But for now, I have the window open, straining to hear just one more promising “peep.”


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