Day 3: NBC -Education Nation Standardized Test Poll

This morning, a Tweet from @DianeRavitch asked people to vote on a poll on Facebook. The poll question presented was:Image:

You can vote here:

When I took the poll, the total was 5,565 “no” to 41 “yes.”

While I appreciate the attention NBC/Facebook is bringing to the issue of standardized testing, I admit that I do not have a lot of confidence on Today Show as objective arbiter in this debate. They are tied in with Pearson, the standardized testing and publisher. Together, NBC & Pearson offer “Education Nation”:  The Education Nation programming is NBC News’ initiative to engage citizens in a solutions-focused conversation about the state of education in the United States.”

It’s the “solutions based” phrase that is a little creepy. There are a number of possible meanings for this term and replacing the word “solution” with these definition in the Education Nation’s mission statement changes the meaning….

solution (səˈluːʃən)
from late 14c., “a solving or being solved,” from O.Fr. solucion, from L. solutionem (nom. solutio) “a loosening or unfastening”
— n
1. a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances in which the molecules or atoms of the substances are completely dispersed. The constituents can be solids, liquids, or gases
2. the act or process of forming a solution
3. the state of being dissolved (esp in the phrase in solution )
4. a mixture of two or more substances in which one or more components are present as small particles with colloidal dimension; colloid: a colloidal solution
5. a specific answer to or way of answering a problem
6. the act or process of solving a problem
7. maths:
a. the unique set of values that yield a true statement when substituted for the variables in an equation
b. a member of a set of assignments of values to variables under which a given statement is satisfied; a member of a solution set
8. the stage of a disease, following a crisis, resulting in its termination
9. law the payment, discharge, or satisfaction of a claim, debt, etc

Not sure I want  all these kinds of “solutions.”


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